A Deed Restricted Community

Grass Grows, No One Mows. Who’s Responsible? Nobody Knows?

Overgrown Grass In Gulf GateWhile rumors fly and the grass grows, members of the Gulf Gate Community Association board have been working to address the current poor state of maintenance of the land. At this point, both Carlos Beruff of Medallion Homes and the previous owner, Leslie Gray, are claiming that they don’t have responsibility for the property. While the details are still being researched, we can report that Medallion Homes appears to be walking away from its planned development of the golf course land and seeks to have Ms. Gray returned as legal owner. We suspect there are legal exchanges in the works, but the net effect is that no one is willing to mow. County Code Enforcement is working with us to attempt to get this resolved.

Mr. Beruff originally took ownership of the property from Ms. Gray on May 10, 2016 and proceeded to acquire rezone approval from the County to build a total of 106 homes across the 3 parcels. However, over the last 3 years Medallion has not been able to get their construction plans to meet the stormwater management levels necessary to earn a site development permit from the County. (Construction must not, in any way, worsen the stormwater accumulation in the surrounding community). At the same time, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) required Medallion Homes to do ground testing and prepare a remediation plan for any hazardous materials found on the property, a process that was never completed by Medallion. The GGCA Infrastructure Chair has been following this issue with the FDEP for several years and currently is awaiting a report of what potentially hazardous material has been identified on the property and what next steps will be taken to address any required clean-up.

Your Board will continue to work on your behalf as we determine details. Watch for additional updates as information becomes available.