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SAFETY ISSUE: Stickney Point Road Jurisdiction Hearing

Sarasota County is negotiating with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to take over River Road in North Port in exchange for the County taking jurisdiction of Stickney Point Road from Siesta Key to Rt. 41 and portions of Midnight Pass, Higel and Siesta Drive on Siesta Key.

In anticipation of this planned FDOT/Sarasota County road swap, FDOT has scheduled a hearing date to give local residents a chance to weigh in.
FDOT Sarasota Road Swap Public Hearing

Your GGCA Board has concerns about safety, particularly given the importance of Stickney Point Road from Siesta Key to Route 41 as an evacuation route, as access to the local fire station, as one of only two points of egress from Siesta Key and as a road often congested with tourists and locals.

The County Commissioners and FDOT both have conceded that the intersection of Stickney Point and Rt. 41 is one of the most dangerous in the County. The addition of the Siesta Promenade, with a 130 room hotel, 400 condos and retail space, will add to the challenges at the intersection. These things make it a public safety issue, and a public hearing should be conducted to fully investigate if the County has the ability and resources to make and keep this intersection safe. FDOT has more resources than the County, and its only mission is traffic safety. Would the County be able to handle improvements? Could the County bring sufficient traffic planning expertise to the project?

To make sure we can be heard, please email [email protected] or phone him at 863-519-2395 and leave a message asking for the hearing to go forward NO LATER THAN December 3rd. See the posting for more information.