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Protect Yourself and Your Community from COVID-19

Protect Yourself And Your Community From COVID 19

Hello Gulf Gate Community,

Life is disrupted, and it’s not a hurricane. Remember those times you heard me talk about preparedness and response, looking for volunteers, with a blurb, ‘during a pandemic, you will be asked to stay home instead’? Well, here we are, asked to stay home and to practice ‘Social Distancing’ (see links below).

If we do this right, we will see our number of cases spike as testing increases, and then go back down.  In the link below, if you look at the WHO map and click on each individual country, you will see China and Korea have brought their numbers back down, and it is because they changed their behavior. We need to do the same.

The goal is to stop the spread of this nasty virus so our hospitals do not get overwhelmed and our vulnerable are protected. Preparedness and Response is a shared responsibility; it calls for the involvement of everyone — not just the government — in these efforts. This is what makes us resilient! We’ll all get through this by keeping calm and doing the following:

1. Follow all health recommendations.

The virus does not discriminate by age, gender, nationality or ethnic background.

  • Anyone can get sick, even young people.
  • Even if you are not symptomatic, you CAN be infected and SPREAD it to someone who is at risk to become very sick, so you must do your part to limit its spread.
  • Be aware of surface transmission and close contact with others.\
  • Do not go out if you are ill.
  • Avoid large gatherings.
  • Be vigilant and take appropriate steps to protect ourselves and our community.

2. Let us be calm.

Unlike a hurricane, supply chains are not interrupted. It is panic that is emptying the shelves. All we need to do is stay home and relax!

3. Use the links below for information.

Do not get your information from social media, but directly from these sites, the local newspaper, radio and tv stations.

Government & Community Websites- they will update as things change

  1. Sarasota County  Government – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
  2. SMH Coronavirus Hotline – 941-917-8799
  3. Florida Department of Health – What You Need to Know About Coronavirus
  4. Centers for Disease Control Coronavirus Information
  5. World Health Organization – Current COVID-19 Situation

If you suspect you may be ill…

  1. Visit  Steps to take when you’re sick..
  2. Contact the Sarasota County Health Department’s Symptom Line @ 941-861-2883  -Tests are only for specific criteria.
  3. Contact the COVID-19 Call Center 24/7 @ +1-866-779-6121
  4. E-mail: [email protected]

If you are in a high risk group and need assistance with shopping, or are interested in helping with shopping, email [email protected] We will try to connect community members. As well, Publix and Walmart have online ordering and delivery through their website and the App. Amazon is gearing up for supplying more essentials!

On behalf of the GGCA Board, be well, stay calm and wash your hands!

Carol Connolly, Emergency Preparedness
Aaron Cox, MSN, RN